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Catering for events

Have you ever been to a bridal shower, gallery opening, farewell parties, wedding, or a book signing? If you have, then you probably had a catering experience. Sometimes you might have even thanked the catering team for serving you right. Catering seems pretty straight forward and simple. The basic idea is to cook and serve. Yes! we do it in our homes everyday. But there is a lot more to catering than we think. Catering for an event take a lot of patience with proper planning , preparation, creativity, teamwork and finally execution, A caterer has to consider each person’s tastes and likes and customer satisfaction is a hard process to achieve. Catering companies of today not only focus on food but also on event arrangements. They have to satisfy all the five senses of customers including Sight, Hearing, Touch , Smell and Taste.

With the right atmosphere you can make appeal to all these senses in a way that makes an event so special as well as memorable. A dish that looks beautiful and tastes delicious can appeal to all these senses but the execution and decoration of surroundings adds up to it. Caterers nowadays want to have a puzzle from decor to the glassware to have a greater impact. For an unified overall experience – flatware to flowers, lightning to linens, tables to tunes and everything should compliment the food and sync to each other.

A perfect catering happens when everything fits everything. Today caterers want every aspect of the event to be as perfect as the food they prepare. Customers likes should be taken into account when choosing the food or flavoring it. The menu should fit the occasion and of the group. The decor should suit the menu and the event and the venue should fit the occasion.
A caterer should always have an idea about the number of people attending the function, if they don’t, there is a greater chance for messing it up.

A perfect event is what everyone dream of, its effect can last longer than we think. Innovative ideas are more than welcome for events nowadays. Everyone expects something new when they go for a party. Old boring food and decor is more of a turn off. People enjoy innovations in food as long as it is tasty. A good caterer always try to make things look and feel simpler to people. Event arrangements for food should be done in a systematic way and the execution should be attractive. If its a corporate party or a cocktail event , the primary goal is deeply satisfied guests.