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Security for an event

There’s nothing worse than having your event supplies stolen. Or, forgetting your key and not being able to get to your event supplies. Who knows what can happen but you have to be prepared for the worst. There’s these new pieces of technology available for you doors that are part of the home automation movement. They’re called smart door locks – you can find the best smart locks┬áhere. There’s also smart thermostats, smart fire alarms, and a whole bunch of other stuff that can help auto mate your home and security. If you already have security, maybe you should still look into getting one of these just because of the convenience. They make door locks with handles and also deadbolts. They are both available in keyless and touchscreen keypad. You don’t even need a key for most of these. They can connect via your phone using Bluetooth, a key fob, or z-wave technology.

We weren’t sure what to expect at first. we weren’t sure how hard it would be to install but it was super easy. We just followed the included instructions on our event stuff was easily safe! We found out that they keep themselves powered by using ultra low amounts of power. And if they do lose power, you can always use the key! Most batteries will keep a smart door lock powered for about 1 year. And, it will let you know if it runs out or gets low on power.

Don’t waste your time with old, traditional locks. There’s a new kid on the block and that’s smart locks. They’re one of those things that will change your life that you don’t realize you need. It changed ours! We no longer have to worry about our stuff being lost, stolen, or forgotten. If we’re carrying a bunch of stuff, we don’t have to get out our key to get in the door. If using keyless, the door might already be open by the time you get to it.