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Wedding Event Planning

A wedding is the most important day in a couples life. It is the time they stand up in front of cherished friends and family, to show their devotion and commitment to each other. One of the most important pasts of wedding event planning is choosing a venue. It is recommendable to start the search before deciding on a date, picking the dress, or even sending out invitations. A lot of popular destinations tend to be booked up years in advance. Therefore, if you have any specific locations in mind put them at the top of the list.

Deciding on a theme can help to shorten down the search results. Think of basic questions first, such as the size, colour scheme, indoors our outdoors? Perhaps you want to have a wedding abroad in an exotic country. You’ll be surprised how many places you can remove from the list once you figure out the basics. You can also help make it easier by deciding on an average number of guests you plan to invite. Something small and intimate with 50 people or less would work well in a favorite restaurant, or a private room in a hotel. Then for the large guests lists of 100+ this would tend to be better in a big hotel or hall with a lot of space for tables, band equipment and other materials.

There are pros and cons to every choice, so its all down to the couples preferences. A hotel as a choice can make life easier as they are flexible with dates, many offer wedding packages, plus you can stay overnight in the rooms. On the negative side, hotel weddings are the most common and it won’t be the most unique event, despite having your own theme. Pros for a restaurant wedding would be the suitability for a smaller budget, more food choices and the overall simplicity in the planning. Staying close to home is the easiest solution if you don’t have a lot of time to spare.

The details involved in wedding event planning can be stressful, so its important to get the big decisions out of the way first. Once you have selected the venue, you will find other details start to come together. Depending on the event you choose you’ll see what works best in terms of the food, dress, colours, live music etc. Keep it unique and plan the romantic wedding of your dreams.